mia cupola

Like the cherry on the top of my favorite Sunday, cupolas have always been for me that one final statement that completes most designs. Whether it be added to the roof of the main structure or to an accessory structure, cupolas hold a certain fascination.

Used now mostly for ornamentation, cupola's in the past have been used for ventilation and light as well belvederes or widow's walks. If they have windows they are sometimes called lanterns, and the smallest of cupolas are called monitors

The rule of thumb I use most often on deciding exactly what size to install goes something like this.............. 1.25" of base of cupola for every foot of unbroken roof line.  In other words if  the top of the roof  line measures 24'-0" left to right, the minimum length of your cupola base should be 30". I have on occasion gone up a size or two depending on the design of the structure it will be mounted on.

image via Weathervains of Maine

coyle house
all images other than noted Pinterest

If you would like to add a more Classical feel to your garden please contact me for further information at mwhite841@verizon.net


  1. Oh Maryanne! These are outstanding ideas! I wish we could have one, but it wouldn't go right with our style of home, but that close up shot of the copper one and the white brick house are so great. Are these your photos? Anita

  2. Maryanne, you just made me think , the repair man had to repair the copper roof on mine
    and the took my weathervane. I have had some awful workers in Maine. Loved your post and
    Wow! some are really fabulous. yvonne

  3. Love these photo's. I have to get my weathervane back up..

  4. Gorgeous examples! And beautiful blog too--thank you.

  5. I love the cupolas. They all look so gorgeous. If I ever satisfy my dream of building my own house, a cupola will definitely be a welcome addition. http://www.newconceptlouvers.com