A Little Saturday Color Blocking

As many of those who have worked with me know, I most often times will plant in mass either with color and or textures, for both shrubs as well as perennials.
 Miquel Urquijo Rubio's gardens are a good example of this. Just as you would use colors opposite each other on the color wheel with interiors, planting outdoors using this same principal creates the same strong visual.

 Here shades of lavender and purple are planted with yellow greens to create a strong plant pallet

Always a winning combination for both indoors and out lavenders, gray's and yellow grreens


  1. What stunning colors, Maryanne! Lavender is my flower of choice, but in my region of Minnesota, we cannot grow it! Enjoy your day; I know I will...it will be the first day after a very long winter that I'll be out to clean up and start preparing for planting! Anita

    1. Hopefully winter has not done all that much damage to your beautiful garden Anita. Enjoy your weekend.............they always seem way too short !

  2. I love the mix of purple and chartreusy green in the landscape

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos, I like the same style of gardens and the last photo is really inspiring for the layout of my backyard. Enjoy the week ned!

  4. This is laid out so well, such beautiful colors. Thanks for the education.
    Beautiful job. yvonne

  5. I love the colour combinations - just beautiful.

  6. Lavender is my raison d’être, though it's a challenge to grow it hear in Western Massachusetts, but I do. How I enjoyed your stunning photos. Vickie